Omar Sabir for City Commissioner May 21, 2019

    My name is Omar Sabir, born and raised in West Philadelphia, and I am running for City Commissioner. There is a need for our community to experience a drastic increase in resources for our youth, schools, education system, a reduction of crime, clean streets, safe neighborhoods and appropriate accountability among elected officials. I am highly concerned with voter apathy that is plaguing Philadelphia! Together, let’s increase voter turnout for city elections, this will keep pressure on elected officials to honor their word and to do the advocacy work. I would like to creatively and aggressively work towards change.

    Why The Office of City Commissioner

    The most important function of the City Commissioners Office is to make sure that every vote is counted accurately, that the voting registration process is efficient, professional, and safe. The role of the City Commissioners office is to also ensure that all voting places are adequate with skilled workers, great accessible locations, provide a variety of locations, and that all of the poll locations are prepared with the necessary professional equipment to run a smooth operations for every election annually. This is my vision for a successful City Commissioner, I look forward to working for the people of Philadelphia!