On Thursday December 20, 2018 Omar Sabir announced his candidacy for Philadelphia City Commissioner.

Omar Sabir is a husband,  father of 5, lifelong Philadelphian, and a public servant who has focused his career on tackling voter apathy and educating communities on the importance of civic engagement. Sabir has led a life of grassroots community and advocacy, working for the Office of Senator Vincent Hughes, the Nathaniel Sabir Memorial Scholarship Fund, Citizens for State Rep. Louise Williams Bishop, and as a union construction worker. But most Philadelphians know him from barber shops, community centers and individual stoops of inner- city neighborhoods, discussing with residents the importance of registering to vote, the impact of elections, the threat of voter suppression and the need to ensure fair elections.

Sabir’s dedication to serving the public stretches long and deep. He is the son of labor leader Nate Sabir, immortalized on a mural overlooking East Poplar Park. Sabir, architect of the popular Vote Philly Vote campaign for the 2018 Midterm Elections, was the first Muslim, with an Islamic name, to win a judgeship in the state of Pennsylvania. Although the Traffic Court was abolished in 2013, just prior to Sabir beginning his tenure, the huge margin of his Democratic primary victory showed the reach of his appeal, passion and support.

As the Founder of Vote Philly Vote, the organization aims to incrementally increase voter turnout across the city of Philadelphia until more than 90% of all registered voters participate in all city elections. Increased voter turnout decreases political influence on elections and pressures elected officials to accountability. Omar believes in a collective voice, not one oppressed by a small percentage of voters.

He has been honored by the Ducky Birts Foundation, Congressman Robert Brady for Recognition & Achievement of Vote Philly Vote, and the Lucien Blackwell Guiding Light over the years. Sabir is a graduate of Cheyney University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2002. He also attended the Small Business Education Program at Wharton School of Business in 2008. Omar Sabir is ready to turn his near lifelong pursuit of empowering everyday citizens of Philadelphia, into a host of new voting opportunities and access for them as a successful candidate for Philadelphia City Commissioner.